Remote Support

We don’t even need to call to fix some problems.

For most minor PC problems, and even some major software ones, we can repair the PC without the need to call to your office or home, and without a lot of the expense. We can also solve a vast range of issues that occur day to day with computers, such as odd pop up boxes, license renewals for antivirus etc, program error messages and so on and so forth. As long as you have a working internet connection, we can access the PC. We can then take control of your PC keyboard and mouse, and deal with any problems. We can do this whilst talking through it on the phone, or through a chat box that will appear on your screen for the duration of the session.

Please contact us for more details or to sign up to the service. [email protected]

If you are already signed up and require support, please first call us for a current PIN code and access below –


Enter your 6-digit code:

Alternatively, you can download and install the dedicated calling card application from the link below if you are already subscribed to the service. This make connecting to us much simpler. This installation will then give you a desktop shortcut to the app, for connecting to us. Rescue Calling Card.msi

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2 weeks ago

ADS Computers

We have had a lot of calls about this. Scary, because it can include a genuine password from your past.....⚠️ Alert: We are receiving thousands of reports about #sextortion emails like this one! Don’t reply or be pressured into paying: it only highlights that you’re vulnerable and you could be targeted again! Follow our advice to stay safe: ...

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3 weeks ago

ADS Computers

Please take some time to read this Action Fraud article on over sharing on social media.
I see the same people reposting what is essentially click bait on a daily basis, and it’s just going to end in tears.
If it starts “like and share if you think etc etc...” then please take time to fact check it first. Use, or search a few trusted news sites such as the BBC, Reuters or Sky News.
A common one right now is far right wing propaganda, such as the one regarding the poppy being banned or restricted. It isn’t! It’s just designed to deliberately stir up racial hatred and harvest your data while it’s at it through settings changes it insists on.#BeAwareOfWhatYouShare 🤳 21 people are defrauded every minute because of oversharing on social media

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