Our download page has a vast array of utilities to help you keep your PC clean. We also have a number of file viewers, compatibility packs for the new Office format and links to our broadband providers service monitor pages. Plus much more. All downloads updated early 2017.

Service status and speed checkers

Virgin service status monitor.
the status of the Virginmedia cable network network.
Plus Net/Force9 service status monitor.
the status of the Plus Net ADSL network.
Broadband Speed Checker
how fast is your broadband currently working
Broadband Speed Checker – Non Flash for iPads, phones etc
how fast is your broadband currently working on your tablet/phone?
BT Wholesale Broadband speed test
The official BT Openreach speed checking website

ESET on-line tools

ESET Virus Radar On-line
latest virus threats monitor.
ESET antivirus scanner
free online virus scan.
ESET Partner Log On Screen
authorized users only.

Anti-Virus/Malware utilities

ESET NOD32 Antivirus Live Installer all systems
you need license details to install.
ESET Internet Security Live Installer  all systems
you need license details to install.
ESET Smart Security Live Installer all systems
you need license details to install.
ESET Endpoint Antivirus Business product 64 bit only
you need license details to install.
ESET Endpoint Security Business product 64 bit only
you need license details to install.
Manual run spyware removal. Update and run FULL scan.
Removes certain hijackers. Update and run FULL scan.
SpyBot Search & Destroy
Manual run spyware removal. Update, Immunize, and run scan.
Bleeping Computer direct link
advanced malware removal – use ONLY under EXPERT instruction!).

Removal Tools

Antivirus Uninstallers
removal tools for common antivirus software
ESET products removal tool
expert tool, use only under advice.
deepUninstall utility (Expert tool).

General Utilities

removes unused and temporary files.  This may trigger your antivirus to block the download, as it contains a link to Google Chrome. If so, just allow the download if prompted. Remove the option to install Chrome during installation.
Quicker defrag tools. Replaces the Windows defragmenter. Take the tick out to stop Chrome installing during the process.
Sysinternals Suite
advanced diagnostic software – use only under instruction (VERY expert tool!).
Microsoft FixIt website
a link to the Microsoft FixIt site for general problem solving – use with care.
General Windows repair tool
advanced repair tool for general Windows errors – use ONLY under EXPERT instruction!).
Blue Screen viewer.
Allows you to translate a Blue Screen error.
ads computers rescue calling card
Installs the ads computers remote computer rescue service. After install, click on settings, and remove the Windows start up tick. Subscription service – please call or email for details.

PDF utilities

Adobe Reader X
pdf file reader. Take the tick out during install to avoid installing Google Chrome as well.
Alternative PDF file reader. This is the new Windows 7 & 8 version. When installing, remove the ticks for unwanted toolbars!!
BullZip PDF Creator
erm, its a pdf file creator.

Back up utilities etc

Microsoft Synctoy
Microsofts’ excellent data back up utility.
Microsoft OneDrive log on screen
Microsofts’ Onedrive link. 5.0Gb cloud data storage available.
DropBox. Cloud file storage of 5.0Gb free, and the login screen

Microsoft Office

Office 2007 compatibility pack
for Office 2000 – 2003 to read .docx, .xlsx etc.

Latest News and Updates

Live feed from our Facebook page

We have had quite a few mobile devices come in over the years, especially Apple iPads, where the customer has asked us to break a forgotten password, or format a device they have acquired, but that is linked to a lost or forgotten Apple/Google Android account.
When we explain how difficult it is to do, with emphasis on the encryption side of how passwords work, it is often met with disbelief. I have heard, on more than one occasion “can’t crack a simple password - not much of a tech then are you!” Last year there was a news article that helped and supported us here, where the FBI couldn’t get into a criminals iPhone for evidential reasons, and Apple weren’t able to help either.

Today the FBI have made an even broader announcement, stating that they currently have around 7,000 devices, all the property of suspects, that they are unable to access at this point.
The article - below - supports what we have been saying, in that passwords to such devices are inextricably linked to online accounts, encrypting the device. Repeated incorrect password attempts lock the account, so guessing the password, or using password crack tools, simply results in the device being locked further. Yes, verification methods can be used, ie having other contact details set up in a device account to verify with, should a password be forgotten, but if it is an acquired device, then you probably won’t have those credentials either. You will then have a second level of problems accessing the locked verification account!

If you have password protected a phone, or any device, make a note and keep it in a safe place. You will also have linked an email account, as part of the devices set up. Make sure you have also set up answers to certain security question, and use a relative or friend’s email or phone details as back up recovery. Keep a safe note of them too. Most importantly, test those details in a dry run, to check you can reset a password, should disaster strike.

FBI failed to access 7,000 encrypted mobile devices

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