We can call at your home or business to carry out repairs, upgrades, install new components and set up broadband and wireless networking

PC Repairs

Hardware repairs at your home or your business

Broadband & Networking

Broadband and wireless networking for home and business

At ads computers we specialize in jargon free, friendly advice about repairs, upgrades and bespoke home and small business computers. We especially cater for the first time buyer and PC novices. Any conversation about your requirements will be kept in plain English.

We will not try and blind you with science as seems to be the trend with many PC resellers.

We only stock quality components from major manufacturers. We have learnt over the years that lesser, unbranded components, although a cheap alternative, will not be as reliable or long lasting. This policy has given us an excellent reputation for reliable systems.

Our systems are built with the future in mind, with plenty of scope for upgradeability should you later decide to expand your PC.

We can call at your home or business to carry out repairs, upgrades, install new components and set up broadband and wireless networking. We pride ourselves on excellence in customer service and after sales service, with the hope that we can maintain your custom and trust for the future.

Based in Stapleford, Nottingham, we cover the Nottingham and Derby area.

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3 weeks ago

ADS Computers

Unless you have actively requested help from a company you know and trust, such as the Remote Support service we offer, then it’s a scammer calling you.
They are after taking your money AND infecting your system so they can keep the scam going.
Whether they claim to be from Microsoft, HP, Epson, Apple, Virgin, BT or any other IT related company, it’s not a genuine call, as none of them will call unsolicited.
If you are aware of an ongoing problem with your computer at the time they call, then it’s pure coincidence. After all, there’s always something happening in the way of updates etc, slow system and so on. Just hang up. Don’t engage them in conversation as they are highly trained to con you and convince you to let them in. Just hang up. Then report the call to Action Fraud if you were able to get their number from caller ID.
And remember, if you do need to call one of those companies for a genuine reason, don’t google it. You’ll get a scam number. Get the number from a bill, statement or product label. If necessary, visit the companies website, make sure it’s the genuine site, then go to the “contact us” section. If still stuck, ring or email us, and we will let you have the number required.
Be careful out there........Got a call out of the blue offering to provide technical support? It could be a scam!

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