PCs and laptops

We sell both PCs and laptops, for home and for small business.

All PCs are custom built to the individual customers requirements, with PCs for basic internet and word processing at one end of the scale, right up to bespoke systems for CAD (Computer Aided Design), Photoshop work, and dedicated gaming machines.

We only use high end components from the more reputable manufacturers, which enables us to give all our PCs a two year, on site, guarantee. Some components within the built have individual guarantees that last even longer – for example, the memory we use carries a lifetime-of-the-PC guarantee. All our PCs include power supplies that conform to the 80 Plus standard, a certification that ensures the power supply meets a higher standard of build and efficiency than the norm. All of this means a PC from us will be more reliable and longer lasting than most off the shelf machines.

We only sell the premium brand laptops such as Lenovo and Asus. As with our PCs, using such manufacturers has proved very successful, as the warranty issues are few and far between. We don’t sell entry level laptops, as such machines, although cheap, tend to disappoint very soon after the users software is all set up. They tend to be running at full capacity all the time to keep up, and in combination with inferior build quality, result in a short lived product. All UK bought laptops come with a one year manufacturer guarantee, but we can upgrade this with guarantee packages to extend this cover two or three years.

All systems now come with an SSD (Solid State Drive) as standard. This new generation of drives has no moving parts and is much faster at dealing with data. Even on a standard office PC, this will mean a boot up time of around 10 seconds, with a 4 second boot an the CAD/Photoshop systems. We can still supply the standard mechanical drives if required, or as an extra where large volumes of data storage is required.

All our systems are quoted for to include all build costs, all software installation, data transfer and email etc transfer from an old system, and ESET antivirus/security. The system is then delivered and set up in your home or business, with any peripherals set up too. Basic training and guidance is then provided at that point. We also include 30 days’ worth of Remote Support access, meaning we can connect to you without the need to call in person, in order to help with any queries or training once the system is with you. We will also dispose of any old computer equipment for you, and arrange total destruction of old hard drives.

After sales is very important, so we are always at the end of the phone for any advice.

Latest News and Updates

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3 days ago

ADS Computers

Just a quick post to say thank you for all the get well messages and emails following my recent accident.

To save me having to reply to everyone individually, this is what happened…

Quite simply, I fell out of a roof space hatch whilst running network cables on a job. My own silly fault, I was just clumsy. I landed on my backside and back, then my head. The fall broke my S4 and S5 vertebrae, as well as the T12 vertebrae. It bruised my coccyx and my pancreas. All my back muscles were pulled/damaged too, along with a big lump on my head and various cuts and grazes etc.

Despite the injuries, I feel I got off lightly. I was kept immobile in hospital for over 12 hours as they were sure I must have done more damage.
I’m out of action for a good few weeks yet, and may not be able to make call outs for a few months. With the injuries I have, the DVLA had to be notified, and so my license suspended for the time being.

We are still operating as a business, and as near to normal as we can. Rob and Rachel are manning the office, with Simon dealing with any necessary business support. We also have Sue from TeamWild available for any vital domestic jobs that can only be dealt with onsite.
We would though ask that most jobs are brought into us after making an appointment. This will make prioritising and dealing with incoming jobs much easier, and avoid unnecessary call outs.
Thank for your understanding.

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1 week ago

ADS Computers

Our services over the next few weeks from 16/9/2021

Unfortunately Alistair has had an accident working out on site this week, resulting in two broken vertebrae and other injuries.
This has put him completely out of action for a good few weeks at least.
Rob is now working every weekday in the office, with Rachel on the emails and the accounts.
There will be no call outs available for the time being.
If you do need assistance, please ring in as usual, and Rob or Rachel will be able to arrange for you to either bring your equipment in to us, or to arrange a remote log on.
Please do not just call in on spec, as we want to keep track of the visits with being so short staffed.

Thank you, Vanessa (Alistair’s wife)

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