PCs and laptops

We sell both PCs and laptops, for home and for small business.

All PCs are custom built to the individual customers requirements, with PCs for basic internet and word processing at one end of the scale, right up to bespoke systems for CAD (Computer Aided Design), Photoshop work, and dedicated gaming machines.

We only use high end components from the more reputable manufacturers, which enables us to give all our PCs a two year, on site, guarantee. Some components within the built have individual guarantees that last even longer – for example, the memory we use carries a lifetime-of-the-PC guarantee. All our PCs include power supplies that conform to the 80 Plus standard, a certification that ensures the power supply meets a higher standard of build and efficiency than the norm. All of this means a PC from us will be more reliable and longer lasting than most off the shelf machines.

We only sell the premium brand laptops such as Lenovo and Asus. As with our PCs, using such manufacturers has proved very successful, as the warranty issues are few and far between. We don’t sell entry level laptops, as such machines, although cheap, tend to disappoint very soon after the users software is all set up. They tend to be running at full capacity all the time to keep up, and in combination with inferior build quality, result in a short lived product. All UK bought laptops come with a one year manufacturer guarantee, but we can upgrade this with guarantee packages to extend this cover two or three years.

All systems now come with an SSD (Solid State Drive) as standard. This new generation of drives has no moving parts and is much faster at dealing with data. Even on a standard office PC, this will mean a boot up time of around 10 seconds, with a 4 second boot an the CAD/Photoshop systems. We can still supply the standard mechanical drives if required, or as an extra where large volumes of data storage is required.

All our systems are quoted for to include all build costs, all software installation, data transfer and email etc transfer from an old system, and ESET antivirus/security. The system is then delivered and set up in your home or business, with any peripherals set up too. Basic training and guidance is then provided at that point. We also include 30 days’ worth of Remote Support access, meaning we can connect to you without the need to call in person, in order to help with any queries or training once the system is with you. We will also dispose of any old computer equipment for you, and arrange total destruction of old hard drives.

After sales is very important, so we are always at the end of the phone for any advice.

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3 days ago

ADS Computers

⚠️ SCAM EMAIL: Watch out for these FAKE Royal Mail emails about a missed delivery.

✅If you receive an email you think is suspicious, forward it to: [email protected]

Your reports enable us to remove scams and malicious websites.

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1 month ago

ADS Computers

Microsoft Service Agreement email. w/c 18/07/2022

We have been getting a lot of queries about this email that customers have been receiving over the last few days.
Most start with "can you sort this out for me please....".

The email is a genuine one. It's from Microsoft, and it's regarding their latest updates to their Service Agreement. By using Windows itself, and by having a Microsoft email address you have, at some point, agreed to their terms and conditions to use Microsoft Windows and any Microsoft email address. This is an update that basically just clarifies the existing T's & C's in a more easy to understand format.
This therefore is a personal decision that we cannot make on your behalf.

If you have no objections to the T's & C's then just save it or delete it, as there is no action to take for no objections.
If you disagree with it, and you make the necessary changes to your account to that effect, you WILL NOT then be able to use your Microsoft account or Windows itself, rendering your system pretty useless. We have already had one customer do this, thinking he was "getting one over" on Microsoft. Until he restarted his PC to find he had effectively locked himself out of his own PC!

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2 months ago

ADS Computers

Support Your Local Coffee Shop!

Not I.T. related this time, more just T(ea) related.........

As many of you know, my wife used to own and run a local tea room. This was until her health issues meant we had to sell it during lockdown. Many of you were regulars there, both for the tea, coffee and cake as well as for the gift shop, and would go there while we looked after your computer.

Some friends of Vanessa's have recently taken over ownership of Neighbourhood Coffee Shop down the road in Sandiacre.
If you are in need of somewhere to wait while we look at your computer or phone etc, then why not pop down there. And if you live locally, and didn't know about it, now you do, so please help a small independent business make a success of their recent start up.

Ooh - and for those of you who miss Vanessa's amazing home made scones, theirs are just as good - just dont tell Nessa I said so.
I tried one of their sausage rolls last week, and they are awesome too.

Neighbourhood Coffee Shop
56 Station Road
NG10 5AS


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