PCs and laptops

We sell both PCs and laptops, for home and for small business.

All PCs are custom built to the individual customers requirements, with PCs for basic internet and word processing at one end of the scale, right up to bespoke systems for CAD (Computer Aided Design), Photoshop work, and dedicated gaming machines.

We only use high end components from the more reputable manufacturers, which enables us to give all our PCs a two year, on site, guarantee. Some components within the built have individual guarantees that last even longer – for example, the memory we use carries a lifetime-of-the-PC guarantee. All our PCs include power supplies that conform to the 80 Plus standard, a certification that ensures the power supply meets a higher standard of build and efficiency than the norm. All of this means a PC from us will be more reliable and longer lasting than most off the shelf machines.

We only sell the premium brand laptops such as Lenovo and Asus. As with our PCs, using such manufacturers has proved very successful, as the warranty issues are few and far between. We don’t sell entry level laptops, as such machines, although cheap, tend to disappoint very soon after the users software is all set up. They tend to be running at full capacity all the time to keep up, and in combination with inferior build quality, result in a short lived product. All UK bought laptops come with a one year manufacturer guarantee, but we can upgrade this with guarantee packages to extend this cover two or three years.

All systems now come with an SSD (Solid State Drive) as standard. This new generation of drives has no moving parts and is much faster at dealing with data. Even on a standard office PC, this will mean a boot up time of around 10 seconds, with a 4 second boot an the CAD/Photoshop systems. We can still supply the standard mechanical drives if required, or as an extra where large volumes of data storage is required.

All our systems are quoted for to include all build costs, all software installation, data transfer and email etc transfer from an old system, and ESET antivirus/security. The system is then delivered and set up in your home or business, with any peripherals set up too. Basic training and guidance is then provided at that point. We also include 30 days’ worth of Remote Support access, meaning we can connect to you without the need to call in person, in order to help with any queries or training once the system is with you. We will also dispose of any old computer equipment for you, and arrange total destruction of old hard drives.

After sales is very important, so we are always at the end of the phone for any advice.

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6 days ago

ADS Computers

PC For Sale - refurbished ex-gaming PC.

I dont usually do this, but I did offer to help a customer who has just bought a new PC from us, and wants to sell his old one. We built it six years ago, and have serviced it annually, so we know its history.

We are simply advertising this for him, so it wont be us supplying it - it's a private sale.
We have fully refurbished it for him as part of the new PC sale deal. It will be for collection from here at ads computers, although the seller will be here for the sale.

The PC was very powerful when new, and is still a very fast system. It has an Intel i7 2nd gen CPU, a Radeon RX580 4.0GB graphics card, 16.0GB of memory. It has a 256GB SSD as the main drive, and a 1.0TB HDD as the data drive. It also has a built in wireless adapter. It will still play games, although it will struggle on the very newest games that require newer processors. This is ideal as a photographic PC or a PC for playing older games such as Counterstrike, World of Warcraft etc. The trade term is "light gaming".
It has the latest update of Windows 10 - 21H2 - installed, along with a standard software package. We will install any Office program or software etc for the buyer.

It comes with a relatively new wireless keyboard and mouse, and a 22" Viewsonic monitor.

Price being asked is £495.00. No offers though, as this is a good price in the first place.

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1 week ago

ADS Computers

Amazon & Visa credit cards

As you may well have read or heard in the news yesterday, after January 19th 2022 Amazon will no longer accept Visa credit cards. This is basically because Amazon claim the charges they pay have been increased from 0.3% to 1.5%. More detail about this is in the link below.
Amazon released a mailshot yesterday to all customers, one that will arrive over the coming days, outlining what's happening. BUT, they have included a link for a £20.00 voucher as "compensation" to affected customers.


Firstly, the link only works if you already have a Visa credit card on file with them.
Secondly. the are a plethora of scam versions of this email out there already.

If you get this email, whether its the real one or the scam one, dont click any links on it. I must reiterate this a dozen times a day as we get asked about email authenticity many times a day - never click on an email link unless you are a)expecting it, and b)100% sure you know its genuine.
The simplest way, with this Amazon example or any other email tempting you to click a link, is to delete the email, then access your account for that company direct from their website. If the email was genuine, the offer or reward will be there for you in your account settings.
Below is a copy of the genuine email. BUT - the fake one is identical in all but one respect. On Amazons email, the link takes you to your account settings. On the fake email, the link takes you to a copy of the Amazon website, and immediately asks for your log on details.

Its easy to avoid getting scammed this way - never click on an email link unless you are a)expecting it, and b)100% sure you know its genuine.

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